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Arapaho Research Partners is an independent research consultancy that specializes in the identification and detailed examination of the critical issues facing industry practitioners, policy makers and investors. We view our clients as our partners and as such, strive to anticipate their research interests and needs. We carefully monitor breaking news for the ramifications it may have on our client’s policy positions,  portfolios or overall industry outlook. We are active across all industry segments.

Our products and services advance our clients’ understanding of the industries, sectors and sub-sectors that they are researching. In addition to reacting to client requests, we proactively identify and present themes, concepts and ideas that frame key debates and distill critical issues in the industries and sectors they cover.

We provide substantial value by delivering relevant, timely and exclusive analysis and insight through our global association of world-class advisors.



An ever-growing reliance on technology in customer interactions, proprietary data storage and even normal business operations is creating increased risk for companies working to ensure these systems remain uncompromised.

As threats of cyber-attacks expand across industries, and given the potential material impact on operations, the security of these digital technologies from internal and external   read more…


The European car industry seems to be reaching a tipping point, with a grinding price war underway in a withering market, combined with high overheads from excess manufacturing capacity.

Industry executives are desperate to beat the overcapacity that hurts profits and leaves them vulnerable to overseas competitors. They want the region’s leaders to accept that they must close plants and make politically toxic job    read more…


The expansion of distributed photovoltaic solar power capacity, the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles, and the spread of dynamic pricing programs will all be key drivers in the growth of electric batteries.

Some vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers are betting big on the future of Electric Vehicles. Panasonic Corp. recently announced (2/24) it will supply lithium-ion battery cells to four hybrid and plug-in hybrid models that Ford Motor Co. plans read more…

SHIPPING:  INDUSTRY IN FLUX                       

Will the Eurozone financial crisis spark a fresh wave of shipping insolvencies? One thing is for sure, funding problems at several leading European banks have started to accelerate a downward spiral in vessel values. Furthermore, competing in what is shaping up as the worst conditions in some shipping markets in the last 25 years has many expecting a significant shakeout.

Some of the world’s most influential shipping financiers have indicated that liquidity problems are precluding even normal, ongoing ship purchases; increasing pressure    read more…

MIDDLE EAST MAYHEM                      

Oil prices rose to near $105 a barrel in Asia on Thursday, following reports that crude production in Libya has dropped more than estimated, as fresh battles between the forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi and rebels led to damage of key oil infrastructure in the country.

Make no mistake it is not just Libya that is creating uncertainty about the future.

Since January major changes have occured. Zine el Abidine ben Ali, Tunisia’s long term President was overthrown Jan. 15 after 23 years in power; in Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak steped down on Feb 11 after 30 years in power; in Libya, rebels have seized read more…